4 BBMG Studio 03Your home away from home. The nerve center of gravity. We can accommodate your project, no matter how large or small. Comfortable, professional, and clean; BBMG’s studio provides an environment perfect for making your record. Our studio is standardized with the latest equipment and software to maximize workflow efficiency and maintain compatibility.  We understand the pressures of the marketplace.  Whether the budget is big or small, we are game.  ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough — let that idea wash away.  Together we can be great. Your project will sound amazing. Every time.

We strive to produce songs that are commercially viable without losing the identity of the individual artist. The focus is to launch artists and bands from obscurity into the limelight by creating “radio ready” master recordings of the finest sonic and aesthetic quality while training them to deliver peak performances of unquestionable conviction, all the while readying them for the trials of the music business by combining passionate instruction with years of experience and success.

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