Music Production

3 SERVICES MusicProduction 03Bang Bang Music Group has always been unique in what it offers to the creative process! Originally formed with the artist in mind, it has always sought to nurture the performance over the production process. That philosophy has been, and is still, the fundamental reason our clients keep coming back. As an artist today, you have opportunities to create fame, money and career longevity for yourself that no other generation of artists has ever had. You have the ability to promote yourself online and reach a worldwide audience without paying millions of dollars to a record label. You can set up your own tour dates and sell your own music and merchandise without giving up any profit to any outside entity. However, all of these opportunities start with a professional audio product and the right promo


Concert/Track Production

Concert-imgNo matter what venue your music needs to sound great in (a concert hall, club venue, outside), we can mix and master your recordings so that you will sound like a professional artist from day one. We will give your recordings everything from that fine vocal tuning to the changes in your beats to bring out that bassline or that really great vocal riff.