Dopamean 1776

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In the early 80s, in West Texas, Chris Martinez and Jon X were born into The Revolution. They both expressed a zealous interest in the flyest gear for years.


Later, Chris moved to Dallas seeking better opportunities. Simultaneously, he kept asking questions, pursuing knowledge. Jon X went off to law school in Florida, believing that he was fulfilling his purpose. Ultimately, his destiny was back in Texas. Consequently, he relocated to Dallas, and he and Chris started Dopamean 1776.

Through Dopamean 1776, they set out to open the eyes of the sleeping masses with the dopest tees. Their designs expose the powers that be and their shadowy actions. Dopamean 1776’s ultimate goal is to promote positivity and persuade everyone to question everything.

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Dopamean 1776: The Mission

DOPAMEAN 1776 is not just an urban clothing company. DOPAMEAN 1776 is a way of thinking. It is for the chosen few that wake up and repent for their ignorance. It is for a select group that love freedom more than power. It is the beacon of light illuminating the dark waters. DOPAMEAN 1776 is not just a clothing company, but rather a way of life… manifested through cloth. We are strong, We are fearless, and We are free! We are DOPAMEAN 1776!