About Us

2 BBMG About 03Bang Bang Music Group was formed in April of 2011 through the valiant efforts and collaboration of Lu Sloan and Kris Pendleton. Lu (Vice President/Artist/Producer) has had a passion for entertainment since his childhood, and has been performing in front of live audiences since he was a freshman in high school. In the winter of 2005 Lu met Kris Pendleton (President) through a mutual friend. Just as quick as they met each other they became best friends. Kris has always wanted to have his hand in the entertainment business ever since music sparked his interest while working for 106.1 KISS fm back in 2005.

Despite several offers, Lu refused to sign any contracts and instead started to entertain the idea of a joint venture with Pendleton. He continued to perform throughout the Dallas metroplex with various local artists and began laying the foundation for BBMG. In the start of 2009 he funneled all of his efforts into following his dream by taking classes at a local Dallas college. While Lu was sharpening his artistic skills and studying more about music production, Kris was in the process of finishing his business degree.

2 BBMG About 07

With Lu possessing all the skills as an artist/producer and Kris being steps away from having his business degree, the timing could not have worked out any better. In 2010 they decided upon a location and with a little construction soon after they open ed the doors to the Bang Bang Studio. This provided Lu the resources to record his own songs as well as produce other artists’ music. They then formed Bang Bang Music Group an independent label that prides itself on producing a great product while being very objective in recruiting new talent.

In summer 2011 BBMG brought on DD Johnson (CEO), to facilitate the business aspect of the company. With a double major in economics and finance from SMU as well as an extensive background in theatrical and musical entertainment he was a perfect fit for the position. While interning as an A&R at Universal he worked with such artists as Shifty Shellshock of Crazytown, Big Tuck of DSR and managed The Kul a local rock band. With the amount of drive, knowledge, and talent that these three men posses Bang Bang Music Group will undoubtedly thrive as one the most widely recognized Indie labels of all time!